The “Nuovo Spazio” Gallery in Udine

He also opened a the Nuovo Spazio gallery in Udine, in premises in the city centre, inaugurating it with an exhibition of internationally famous artists, many of whom had worked with him for years. In cooperation with the Mascherini archive, he organised an important review of the works of the long-deceased sculptor. He invited the painter Ferruccio Bortoluzzi to exhibit, who would present his well-known ‘reliefs’ constructed from recycled materials.

Both galleries continued to hold regular events, with distinctly independent programmes, so that he was forced to travel continually and widely, seeking artists, arranging dates, transportation, catalogues, a time-consuming occupation that took him away from his studio. In spite of this, he managed to reconcile the two vocations, creating art and making known the art of those he admired because he felt an ideal affinity. His pictorial research was in the meantime moving towards a composed experimentation of formal methods and instrumental techniques, with the aim of strengthening the spatial configurations of his luminous chromatism. He made use of glassy materials in a research from the Murano glassmakers, inserting them into the variegated grounds of the pictures, attaining further effects of iridescent transparencies, unexpected reflections, often enclosing the painting in a plexiglass case, in order to transform his paintings in a sort of sculpture.

These works would meet with considerable success at the exhibition he held in April 2003 at the Artis gallery in Paris and a few months later at the Sauveur Bismuth gallery, also in the French capital.

The anthology organised by the municipal authorities of Mariano would encounter similar praise from critics and the public; it was divided into two sections, one for the historical part presented in the Town Hall council chamber and the other, relating to the works with Murano glass, in the civic library. Nowadays, his works are requested by public institutes and foreign collections, presented in international art fairs, shown on websites and in the specialised press, both Italian and international.

He continues with his ‘spatialist’ research, at the same time investigating an original procedure combining elegant, exquisitely pictorial elements and objects in various materials, between bidimensonality and tridimensionality, with expressive solutions of vivid plasticity, evoking imaginary cosmological scenarios. In Lugano he had a personal exhibition at Rinaldo Invernizzi’s.

In 2005 he attained great success in Spain with exhibitions of his latest pictorial experiences, in the halls of the companies Dates SL and Faconauto in Madrid and with a presentation during an official ceremony at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. These initiatives were sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors España

He took part in a literary competition organised by the Telecom Future Center in Venice, reaching one of the first places. But painting has once again become his main activity, the daily challenge in which he measures his human and creative aspirations.


In 2007 a monography by Toni Toniato is published : the last period works are presented, the ones nearest to the Spatialism with a short excursus on the previous works.

At once this book is requested by the most important bookshops and also in Ca’ Pesaro bookshop, in Venice and in Milan, at Brera Academy. It is presented abroad, in Germany and in Austria, in occasion of personal exhibitions of Chinese, then in Switzerland and only later in Italy, in different places and by wellknown curators and last at the International Gallery of Modern Art of Ca’ Pesaro, in Venice, presented by Toniato himself and by the director of Ca’ Pesaro Museum, doctor Fuso. In this period Chinese is beginning a new  adventure, the one of the creation of some installations. The book has an elegant pasteboard binding, with some glasses, by an idea of the artist himself: this binding is the source of the Chinese’s idea of transforming in an event and in a work the presentation of this Monography;  for these events he creates some installations with the books and metal balls; near them he puts some of his important paintings. Since this moment he has a lot of presentations : Libreria Bocca, in Milan. a bookshop specialized in art books. Founded in  Torino in 1775, now it is one of oldest  active  book concerns . Its activity is divided into three parts: there is  the  Bocca Bookshop, the  Bocca editing House and the review “Arte Incontro in libreria” (“An art meeting into a Bookshop”), published in 10.000 copies and  distributed  in 29 countries.Among its authors , this historical  Publishing House has Gioberti, Pellico, Previati, Segantini, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Freud. At the occasion of the presentation of Luciano Chinese’s Monography, the artist was invited to make a work that  now is on the floor of the bookshop, near the works of famous artists as  Lucio Del Pezzo, Enrico Baj, Alighiero Boetti, Piero Dorazio, Giovanni Frangi, Ugo Nespolo, Luca Pignatelli, Giò Pomodoro, Mimmo Rotella and many others. Afterwards, Chinese is  presented in  Feltrinelli Bookshop, in Udine and there he is  presented by the art critic and curator  Riccardo Caldura. The Monography about Luciano Chinese can also be found into the French National Library , in the  prestigious  seat of François Mitterand Library, in Paris and  into the  New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. It was also presented to the International  book Fair in Torino by the Veneto Region and then he is invited by the Piemonte Region at the International Book Fair in   Cape Town (South Africa). The  Veneto Region also  invites him to   present his  book  in Venice- Mestre, at Villa Settembrini, a Venitian Villa  donated to the  Region and there he is presented again by the author Toni Toniato himself. For this occasion Chinese makes a new kind of  installation, employing as a  background a light waterfall that divides the entrance of the  room where the presentation is done from  the garden  of Villa Settembrini. From that moment Chinese dedicates himself to the painting without a stop and he is continuously looking for new technical expressions and new subjects and his works enter in the most important auctions.

From April 12 to  May 3rd  he exposes for the second time in the expositives Halles of the ” Zona Grandi Servizi territoriali”, in Castelfranco Veneto and in September 2008 he is invited to participate to the Internazional Festival of art in Kharkov (Ucrania), organized  with the cooperation of Culture Institutes and  he obtains a sponsorship of the Unesco of Udine. There he had a masterclass and he obtained the first prize for a drawing of theirs. When he comes back from Kharkov, he exposes his works in Trieste, in a personal exhibition, organized by the “Associazione Acquamarina”, in the historic ” Caffé S. Marco”, and he is presented by the assistant of Unesco in Udine.

Kharkov and Paris

In January 2009 the Kharkov Museum demands a work of theirs and  invites him to a personal exhibition in its rooms.

In April 2009 he exposes in Paris, invited by the University Denis Diderot and in June he exposes in Udine, at the “Laboratorio 2 International”.

From January 14th to February 5th 2010 he presents a personal exhibition in Kharkov Museum.

In summertime he exposes in a great personal exhibition in Ascoli Piceno, a beautiful medieval Italian town, at the Palazzo dei Capitani; at the same time he exposes in Venice,in a space in the Mondadori bookshop, in Saint Marc.

Exhibitions in Italy and in Kiev

Exhibitions in Italy and in Kiev

In 2011, May, he exposes with a solo exhibition at Casa dei Carraresi Museum, Cassamarca Foundation, Treviso (Italy), in September he has a personal exhibition at National Art Museum Bodgan and Varvara Hanenko, in Kiev, in collaboration with Staprius Club – Kharkov and in October a personal exhibition at Cividale Bank. Cividale del Friuli (Udine) (Italy)

In 2012 is invited to exhibit his works at  Humboldt University in Berlin. This University will bought  some of his works for its collection; When he comes back from Berlin, he exhibits his works in Udine at “La Loggia” Gallery, where his old friend and school fellow Dino Zoff comes to meet him.

In 2013 he is presented with an installation by the art criticVito Sutto and he partecipates to the day of Contemporary Art .

In 2014  he is invited again by  a German University: the Freiburg University, the oldest University in Germany  that has in its programs the will to organize  international meetings.

The installation of the last year allowed him to obtain the invitation to exhibit his works at the  international exhibition of  sculpture and installations around the city of Venice, side event of Venice International Film Festival, called “Open”.

He partecipates to the day of Contemporary Art  2014

As a gallerist, he meets again his friends and school fellows that had created the Kinetic Art, as Marina Apollonio that he knew since the first years he operated as a gallerist, because he frequented her father, Umbro Apollonio; with his collaboration Chinese organized important exhibitios in his first seat of “Nuovo Spazio” Gallery, in  Folgaria  (Trento) and the sign of the gallery was one of the first works of Marina Apollonio. He meets again Franco Costalonga: he frequented the Art Institute in Venice when Chinese was was a student in the same Institute; he meets Sara Campesan, the founder of the group ” Verifica 8+1″, Aldo Boschin, one of his  school fellows ; he organizes in his Gallery in Udine an exhibition of Kinetic and Programmed Art and he exhibits works of  Bruno Munari, Nicolas Schoffer, Getulio Alviani, Marina Apollonio, Franco Costalonga, Nanda Vigo, Dadamaino, Lucio Fontana, Alberto Biasi, Giovanni Anceschi, Bernard Aubertin, Victor Bonato, Gianni Colombo, Gabriele De Vecchi, Edoardo Landi, Adolf Luther, Manfredo Massironi, Gunther Uecker, Grazia Variscoannd he publishes a catalog, “Visioni” with his Editing House, the “Nuovospazio Edizioni”, in collaboration with Artetivù of Marcon-Venice.

As an  artist he continues to  create new works, he works again with Murano glasses  and he  creates some works with  metals, glasses and wood on painted backgrounds and he puts them into a policarbonate box, so he creates volumes, sculpture paintings. He continues to be present in the Auction Houses and in the Art Fairs:  Napoli Art Fair,  Farsetti Auction House, Pananti Auction House, Fidesarte in Venice-Mestre,  Artesegno Auction House in Udine.  Artetivù of Marcon-Venice presents some of his works.

In 2016 he begins with a personal exhibition in Bussolengo (Verona), at Rigo Gallery and he continues to be present in Auction Houses.

Some of his works are in important collections and in a lot of Auction’s Catalogues. Informations and books about the artist’s works are at the Historic Archives  of the Biennial of Venice, at the Fondazione Ragghianti in Lucca, at the Historic Archives of Modern and Contemporary Art in the  Bandera Museum, in Busto Arsizio (Varese), at the Institute of German Culture, in Florence, at the” Centro Friulano Arti Plastiche” in Udine, at the National  Isontina Library in Gorizia, Museo Pagani – Castellanza (Varese), Dates Automovil España , Barcellona (Spagna), Quadriennale di Roma, at the Cantonal Art Museum in  Lugano (Switzerland),  Comanducci Catalogue, Glass Museum Berengo (Murano – Venice), National Library François Mitterrand-Paris, New Contemporary Art Museum – New York,  International Modern and Contemporary Art Museum – Ca’ Pesaro-Venice, at Brera Academy Library, in Milan, at the Tate Modern in London, at The Italian Institutes of Italian Culture in New York and in Kiev,at Moma in New York, in Kharkov Museum, at Cassamarca Foundation, at Pinchuk Center in Kiev, at the National Library in Florence and at Mambo, in Bologna.

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