In 2007 a monography by Toni Toniato is published: the last period works are presented, the ones nearest to the Spatialism with a short excursus on the previous works.

At once this book is requested by the most important bookshops and also in Ca’ Pesaro bookshop, in Venice and in Milan, at Brera Academy. It is presented abroad, in Germany and in Austria, in occasion of personal exhibitions of Chinese, then in Switzerland and only later in Italy, in different places and by wellknown curators and last at the International Gallery of Modern Art of Ca’ Pesaro, in Venice, presented by Toniato himself and by the director of Ca’ Pesaro Museum, doctor Fuso. In this period Chinese is beginning a new  adventure, the one of the creation of some installations. The book has an elegant pasteboard binding, with some glasses, by an idea of the artist himself: this binding is the source of the Chinese’s idea of transforming in an event and in a work the presentation of this Monography;  for these events he creates some installations with the books and metal balls; near them he puts some of his important paintings. Since this moment he has a lot of presentations : Libreria Bocca, in Milan. a bookshop specialized in art books. Founded in  Torino in 1775, now it is one of oldest  active  book concerns . Its activity is divided into three parts: there is  the  Bocca Bookshop, the  Bocca editing House and the review “Arte Incontro in libreria” (“An art meeting into a Bookshop”), published in 10.000 copies and  distributed  in 29 countries.Among its authors , this historical  Publishing House has Gioberti, Pellico, Previati, Segantini, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Freud. At the occasion of the presentation of Luciano Chinese’s Monography, the artist was invited to make a work that  now is on the floor of the bookshop, near the works of famous artists as  Lucio Del Pezzo, Enrico Baj, Alighiero Boetti, Piero Dorazio, Giovanni Frangi, Ugo Nespolo, Luca Pignatelli, Giò Pomodoro, Mimmo Rotella and many others. Afterwards, Chinese is  presented in  Feltrinelli Bookshop, in Udine and there he is  presented by the art critic and curator  Riccardo Caldura. The Monography about Luciano Chinese can also be found into the French National Library , in the  prestigious  seat of François Mitterand Library, in Paris and  into the  New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. It was also presented to the International  book Fair in Torino by the Veneto Region and then he is invited by the Piemonte Region at the International Book Fair in   Cape Town (South Africa). The  Veneto Region also  invites him to   present his  book  in Venice- Mestre, at Villa Settembrini, a Venitian Villa  donated to the  Region and there he is presented again by the author Toni Toniato himself. For this occasion Chinese makes a new kind of  installation, employing as a  background a light waterfall that divides the entrance of the  room where the presentation is done from  the garden  of Villa Settembrini. From that moment Chinese dedicates himself to the painting without a stop and he is continuously looking for new technical expressions and new subjects and his works enter in the most important auctions.

From April 12 to  May 3rd  he exposes for the second time in the expositives Halles of the ” Zona Grandi Servizi territoriali”, in Castelfranco Veneto and in September 2008 he is invited to participate to the Internazional Festival of art in Kharkov (Ucrania), organized  with the cooperation of Culture Institutes and  he obtains a sponsorship of the Unesco of Udine. There he had a masterclass and he obtained the first prize for a drawing of theirs. When he comes back from Kharkov, he exposes his works in Trieste, in a personal exhibition, organized by the “Associazione Acquamarina”, in the historic ” Caffé S. Marco”, and he is presented by the assistant of Unesco in Udine.